Officer Canidates

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Arcky Vielma

Hello everyone, my name is Arcky Vielma. I am a father, husband, veteran, and MBA – Cybersecurity graduate student. I am also a National Science Foundation CyberCorps Scholarship for Service scholar and an MBA ambassador for our school. I would like to be President to give back to this organization, to my peers, and the future members of CISO by using my knowledge and experience to continue improving this organization.If given the opportunity I will expand our lab by the numbers for us to grow with more members, more projects, more funding, more resources, and, most importantly, more to put on our resumes so that we can have more job opportunities! Again, my name is Arcky Vielma and I am running for President of our organization. I hope I can count on your vote!!

Vice President

Jessica Villavicencio

My name is Jessica Villavicencio. I am an IST Cybersecurity major going into my senior year. I have always had a passion for leading and mentoring those who seek my guidance. Since January, I have been writing down ideas that I had in mind for the organization. As big of an organization as we are, we should be hosting more events and doing all that we can to ensure that our members are prepared for the workforce.


Toby Maysey

My name is Toby Maysey and I’m running for Treasurer for the 20-21 school year. CISO has been nothing but kind to me since I first started at CSUSB in 2018, and I want to give back to the organization that has given me so much. When talking about a platform to run on when it comes to treasurer, it’s hard to come up with something specific due to the supportive nature of this role. With that said, as treasurer I will do my best to support both the President and Vice President in maintaining the cash flow within the organization and ensure that we always have the funds available to support the learning environment for all members. I will try my best to strengthen the relationships between our organization and our sister clubs in Jack Brown, as well as our relationships with different organizations around the campus. I want to come up with a new system to confirm members of our organization and make sure that our resources are not being taken advantage of. CISO is a great resource for all students at Jack Brown, and I want to make sure that we’re pulling in as many new members as we possibly can. As your Treasurer for the 20-21 school year, I will do my best to make myself available whenever I can to help our organization continue to grow, and I’ll support our President and Vice President in making the decisions needed to make that happen. Thank you.


Aurek Boutte

I am running for secretary to get underclassmen who are shy and intimidated as I was to join the organization and keep CISO as organized as possible. Being organized is something I take pride in, not only because it makes me look good, but it also makes life easier by allowing me to find files on my computer or keywords in my notebook faster. This school year there were only about 3 to 5 freshmen in CISO, including myself and I want those numbers to increase. Before I joined CISO I felt that I needed a certain level of experience to be a member and it's not the case at all because the organization happily takes students with zero experience in the field of cyber and teach them everything they know. If all underclassmen understood that I think more would consider joining. I've spent a lot of time in the organization's room and I've interacted with many members and can say that being a part of CISO has made me a better person.