CISO’s Cyber Mentorship Program (CMP) will center around cohorts ( which will consist of a group of 6 students per cohort)

This program will prepare students for potential scholarships (such as the SFS & DOD scholarships) and for the workforce. Mentors will track progress throughout the semester/academic year. The objective of CMP is to help CISO members establish a solid foundation of the fundamentals skills necessary to be successful within the cyber workforce by helping the cohort students obtain their security+, create a solid resume, introduce them to competitions, and help them define their path within cybersecurity.

The cohort program will consist of:

  • Portfolium development
  • Security+ study material
  • Security+ quizzing
  • Study group environment
  • One-on-one resume development
  • Academic mentorship
  • NICE Challenges (Monthly)
  • NCL individual and team competitions (Cohort team) per semester (Free)
  • Club projects integration
  • Monthly individual and cohort zoom check-ins
  • Cohort project (CISO funded cloud-base project for the cohort to work on. The mentor would be there to assist in the development of the project.)
  • Udemy Cybersecurity courses (Free)

If you are interested in the Cyber Mentorship Program, please fill out the application below. A CISO officer will contact you with further details.


**CISO will make every effort to accomodate mentor preference. However, due to the limitations of available mentors, it is not possible to guarantee mentor preference at this time.

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