Spring 2020
Project Time Room Day
VR SOC 12PM - 2PM JB-122 Tues/Thur
Network Engineering 12PM - 1PM JB-122 Wednesday
Continuous Monitoring 4PM - 5PM JB-122 Wednesday
Drones 11AM - 12PM JB-122 Thursday
Forensics 4PM - 5PM JB-122 Thursday
Network Analysis 10AM - 11AM JB-122 Friday
VRed Hat Academy 11AM - 12PM JB-122 Friday
Hacking the Matrix 12PM - 1PM JB-122 Friday
Car Hacking (INSuRE) 1PM - 2PM JB-122 Friday
Containers 1PM - 2PM JB-122 Friday
Coyote Amateur Radio 2PM - 3PM JB-122 Friday
Capture the Flag 3PM - 4PM JB-122 Friday
CCDC 4PM - 5PM JB-122 Friday

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Located in JB122
5500 University Pkwy
San Bernardino, CA 92407

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