Cybersecurity Awareness Squad

What is the Cyber Security Awareness Squad?

The Cyber Squad is a committee within CISO that engages in cybersecurity outreach education by visiting a variety of different communities such as elementary schools, high schools, young adults, employees, and senior citizens.

The Cyber Squad Mission Statement:

To raise awareness regarding the importance of cyber security and promote good hygiene to members of our surrounding community.

Cyber Hygiene Habits

Through various outreach events, the Squad encourages attendees to practice the following habits:

  1. Keep Private Information PRIVATE
  2. Think before you click
  3. Look for the S in HTTPS
  4. Update software regularly
  5. Be cautious with email
  6. Change passwords regularly
  7. Create complex passwords
  8. Be cautious with free wifi
  9. Log out of all accounts
  10. Spread awareness to others

Benefits as a squad member:

Additional Resources:

For more information or to sign up please contact us!