Emergency Communications

Advanced Persistent Threat Actors (APT) groups can employ a sophisticated form of asymmetric war through a digital attack that could devastate the US through covertly and silently deployed virus payloads aimed to destroy our electronically controlled infrastructure (SCADA) systems that sustain our life.

Systems like...

Viruses like STUXNET perform a specific function known, in DOD terms, as "going Kinetic" - the traversal from a digital to physical attack through our SCADA systems. Suddenly a virus that can turn off the power get's a lot more intimidating.

Additionally, Natural Disasters are a big threat across the US. In 2012, Hurricane Sandy left millions without power - some for weeks - showing the true fragility of our infrastructure. Basically, we have to worry about Natural Disasters (Earthquake, Hurricane Tornado, Flood, Solar Flare, Fire, etc.) and Cyber Attacks (STUXNET v2.0).

Also, Jack Brown is pretty much on top of the San Andrea's Fault...

San Andreas

Why HAM?

HAM Radio's use Radio Frequencies to broadcast information through the air. If the power goes out, guess what still works? The laws of physics do! Meaning, radio waves aren't going to be "hacked" any time soon.

Project Goals

This Project is new but aims to get members..

We also plan on building a repeater at CSUSB, and building HAM Broadband Mesh Nodes + testing their security!

Please contact president@infosec-csusb.org or vnestler@csusb.edu for more information or to request being added to the operator's list.

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